Outlook 2003 - can't send emails. Get this message from Norton Internet Security "was unable to be

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I checked with Norton and that software is working fine. They suggested my ISP and Microsfot. I checked with my ISP (who is Comcast) and they had me check my webmail which works ok, so think it is Microsoft. Any ideas?

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

What happens if, as a test, you disable Norton and try to send again. Does it work?


Ganesh Kumar N

Restart your computer in clean boot mode to check if there is any non-Microsoft service such as Norton interfering with the send/ receive progress. Try to send and receive emails in clean boot and check how it works.

To start windows in clean boot refer the link below:


Note: After you have finished troubleshooting in clean boot, ensure you restart the computer in normal mode. Follow Step 7 in the above article to do the same.

Ganesh Kumar N
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