Search all Address books for an e-mail address and get all the results in one view.

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Frank Pann

I use Outlook with a corporate Exchange server. The server provides a

Global Address List. In my Outlook client I have two additional contact

folders called " Contacts" and " Personal" .

From the Outlook application I choose Tools->Address Book...

In the Address Book application I choose Tools->Options...

The bottom pane of the Options window reads " When sending mail, check names

using these address lists in the following order:"

In that pane I have the lists entered in the following order:

Global Address List



The Global Address List has three people called " Paul" , my " Contacts" folder

has one person named " Paul" and my " Personal" folder has two people named

" Paul" .

If I create a new email, type " Paul" in the " To:" field and press CTRL+K

(which is the same as clicking " Suggest Names" ) then only the three people

named " Paul" found in the Global Address List are displayed.

What do I have to do to make Outlook suggest all 6 " Paul" s (distributed

across three contact folders) or is what I observe the expected behavior?

Thanks You for any feedback!

Frank J Panncchione

MS Certified Master Instructor


I, too, have this same issue. If there is a Bob Smith in the GAL and a different Bob Smith in my Contacts, it will always return GAL user.

Do you know if Outlook 2010 behaves any differently in respect to returning all matches versus stopping at the first listed address list?


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