Outlook Won't Disconnect When Closed

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I use the e-mail account provided by my cable provider. I download into Outlook 2003 SP3 periodically, with settings to delete the server copies. When I close Outlook, it continues to pull the files off of the provider's server. I discovered I cannot check new mail while away (remote) because none of it will stop at the providers site. I did figure out I can go into task manager and kill Outlook when finished with Outlook, but that is obviously not the right solution.

I must have changed some setting, but for the life of me, cannot figure out what. I cannot find a similar troubleshoot topic either. Detect & Repair did not find any errors.

I am on Windows XP SP3.


Yes, it still leaves the connection open.

There is an Outlook icon that displays in the Notification Taskbar (right, bottom of screen). When I kill Outlook using the task manager, only then does that icon go away. I don't recall that the icon has been there before this, though am not sure. The only options for that icon are:

Show Network Warnings, Show Connectivity Changes, Show New Mail Desktop Alert, Hide When Minimized, Open Outlook

I just noticed that my AV software (Avast!) has a MS Office plug-in that fires up when Outlook does. I've had Avast! since June; it may be the culprit. To exhaust all means, I will post on their community web-site as well.

Priyalatha Narayan

Check if the issue persists in windows clean boot . This helps in checking if any non-microsoft services are causing a conflict.

Note: Ensure to restart the computer in normal startup mode.
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