Sending/Receiving emails for hotmail account in Outlook 2007 using Outlook Connector 14.0

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I have read the questions and answers to others who have had a similar issue and none of the solutions have helped me. However, there is nothing recent so maybe there is a fix now? Following is the error message I receive when trying to send/receive.

Outlook Hotmail Connector Version 14.0.5117.5000

Session timed out. Automatically re-signed in at 11/18/2010 10:54:36 AM

Mail: Error at 10:54 AM.


Contacts: Last successfully refreshed at 10:54 AM.

Errors :

Time: 11/18/2010 10:54:37 AM
Error in Mail
Error with Send/Receive.
There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy. Error : 80041004.

Brian Tillman

If this were to happen to me, I'd delete the account, stop and restart Outlook, and re-add the account.
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