Can't Open Links in Outlook

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Suddenly a few days ago, whenever I try to open a link in an email in Outlook I get, "The procedure entry point _ iob_func could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR70.dll" or "This operation has been canceled due to restriction in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" (I have administrator rights).

If I copy or paste to a browser links open fine. I've searched this and most of what I read refers to problems with XP & Vista and not W7. I've also read that it could be a registry issue but if so, why can I open links in web pages and not Outlook?

I have a lot of email links to open daily and would really like to resolve this. Thanks!

W7U 32/ Office '07


I forgot to mention that I don't use IE, I use FF. I tried those tweaks in IE anyway but it did nothing. I installed IE9 beta a month or so ago but haven't used it since. Since I don't use IE at all, can I just uninstall/ reinstall it for a fix?

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Ugh, beta software. O.K., you'll probably have to try some of the suggestions here:This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions

If that doesn't work you may have to do the uninstall of IE9 and reinstall FF - see if that resolves it.

Beta software often leads to unpredictable outcomes - which is why we don't recommend installing it on production machines. </lecture>
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