Junk setting do not respond to "Never Block Sender

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Desert Rob

I receive several items in my spam folder and some of the email are not spam. I click on one to select it and then go to the down arrow under " Junk" and click on " Never Black Sender" . This doesn't help, Outlook still considers the email to be spam and continues to direct them to the spam folder. I would like to get them in my inbox. I have also selected one of these non-spam emails and beside doing the " not spam" I move them into my inbox. But nothing works. Outlook still considers them spam. How can I change this selection by Outlook?

Desert Rob

I am using a cable internet provider with Outlook 2010 as my email. There is nothing to indicate that Outlook is moving anything to the junk folder. Some incoming messages are moved directly to the Junk folder without any indication at all even though I have marked them as " Never Block Sender.
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