Sending a copy of a link adds garbage before the link

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Richard M. Perry


Using Windows Vista, Office 2003, Outlook Express.

I sometimes send multiple emails to friends that contain a link to my website. I like to personalize each email with a salutation to the person. I type the first salutation and message, then copy the message part only, and paste the message into all subsequent emails after the new salutation. Lately, although the link is typed in correctly and displays correctly on screen, the following lengthy garbage is added just before the link during the send, rendering the link unreadable:


I can't think of anything added to my computer lately. The problem is corrected when I change my email type from "html" to "Plain Text," but that doesn't allow me to customize my font or font color.



Try sending the email as a RTF and post back the statusIf the above was helpful please click "Vote as helpful". If it solves your problem click "Mark As Answered". Cheers !!!!!!!!!!

Ganesh Kumar N


The use of TNEF is commonly affected by settings in Outlook that are referred to as Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Format (RTF). Rich Text Format and TNEF are not exactly the same, but they are closely related.

Refer the link for more information on how to send the email in Rich Text Format.

Ganesh Kumar N