Task 'Email removed for privacy - Sending and Receiving' reported error (0x8DE00006) : 'The operatio

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I am using Outlook 2007. Anytime I open outlook it goes through the send/receive without any problems. However within 2 minutes it automatically goes to send/receive again. Takes several minutes then returns the 0x8DE00006 error messaged that the send/receive operation failed. This send/receive is continual starting and failing. It slows everything down on my internet connection to extremely slow speeds. I can cancel it and internet speeds up to normal until Outlook within 2 minutes does it's send/receive and stalls everything. However, my mail usually updates. When I close Outlook and get a messaged asking if I want to close with unsent messages. I cannot find any unsent messages in the outbox. Any ideas? I have uninstalled/installed the outlook connector already with no resolution.

Bruce Hagen

Uncheck: Send & Receive every 2 minutes. Close and open Outlook. Do a manual Send & Receive. Does it clear up now? If yes, it is because 2 minutes was not long enough for it to complete the task. If it is not resolved, then please ask the Outlook Experts here.

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