outlook 2010 and norton nis 2010

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using outlook 2010 and norton nis 2010
emails are comming into "inbox" yet they have **Spam** listed before them. is the **spam** marked comming from outlook or Norton? if i "right click" there is no option to "mark as not spam". the emails are not going to a spam or junk folder, yet they say **spam** in the subject line b4 the real subject. is there anyway to have it quit saying **spam** in subject line.

need to know if it is norton that is marking it as spam, or if it is outlook marking it as spam. it really is not spam but all i can do is say it is "not junk" and add to safe senders and safe recipients and to never block, yet next email from same person still hass **spam** in the subject line before the real subject

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Norton is giving you that. Norton's email scanner is perhaps the single biggest email troublemaker on the planet. You do not need it or want it, Norton's resident file system scanner is all you really need (unless you really enjoy having random, bizarre issues with your email). Download and run the Norton Removal tool to completely get rid of it, then re-install it without any email scanning components and see if you still have the problem.

Why You Don't Need Your Anti-Virus Program to Scan Your E-Mail Hal

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