Expanding image when email sent.

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i am using outlook 2003. when i create an email, my signature (which is an image) is normal in size, but when i send it along or without another image within the message, the images expands and become pixelated. when i look for the image's size in its properties, the size is 100% but when i send it, it always becomes 125%, i don't know what happen, im just using my outlook well yesterday then suddenly the problem like that occured, dunno why.

i just downloaded an office 2007 portable and opened word and excel only to see its interface, then after that the problem with the image in my email occurred.


Thank You Very Much Roady, it works well now, i just edited those settings in Words (2003 and 2007 Portable) since it is my signature editor, and also in the image capturing program that i am using, i set it all to 96dpi and it works now just like before. i really appreciate your help. (^_^)
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