2 easy questions, Outlook 10 and an AOL IMAP type account

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I have Windows 7 64 bit and Outlook 10. I have it set up for 3 e-mail accounts, one of which is an AOL e-mail account (IMAP) which is giving me a bit of trouble.

1) Once in a while, when Outlook goes to retrieve e-mail, a little window pops up asking me to verify the password. It's the same password I've had forever, and I even check the little box to tell Outlook 10 to remember it. Why is it doing that?

2) I have all my e-mail accounts sending their mail to my Outlook Data File "Inbox" but I can't figure out how to get this AOL IMAP account to also send it's mail to that same "Inbox." How do I do it?

Thanks for your time!

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

1) It only happens once in a while? Is there any pattern to it?

2) You'll have to create a rule that moves messages from the IMAP Inbox to the other Inbox.


Hi Ben-

If there is a pattern, I can't discern it. The little window just pops up once in a while asking me to verify my AOL password. I hit OK (or whatever the button is to make it go away) and Outlook finishes the job and gets the mail.

As far as making a rule is concerned, I'm not familiar with making rules. I'm sure there have been pages and pages on the topic, but could you give me a link to get started?

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