one Email account dumps to Windows/Temp (!)? Outlook 2003 SP3

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Hope this is a challenge to some Microsoft Office (2003) email expert or anyone who has seen this same thing happen: On a specific date, my one email account (it uses a different port combination than my other, continued successful, email addresses) became problematic. First, this is an XPPro SP3 OS and Outlook 2003 XP3 with all updates. The issues developed around Oct. 14, 2010. Here is the issue: email for this one email account indicates it is receiving after successfully sending email (I am able to send a test to other non-affected emails and they send just fine). The receiving mail data rate goes to btyes....we're talkin' it just grinds to a crawl. It eventlly fails BUT, and here is the intersting part, this one email continues to download to a file in my Windows Temp file. It will continue to download and the file gets an extension of something like CC6 or CCG with a .tmp extension. After it completes, it converts over to a file name of something like s1k0.file with 0kb size. When I try to delete this file it will show up in the recycle bin and it can not be deleted without rebooting....then it just disappears from the recycle bin after the reboot. So strange.

My initial thought is a virus but I have Norton AntiVirus running and constant updates. Any suggestions on a virus scan to double-check the Norton product is welcomed!

Here is some additional info to consider. About this same date, I had IBM help me get my old laser printer back on line and they went through a couple of steps to set up the drivers and make the thing work (I granted them access to the laptop....oh, this is a laptop!). They did a TCP/IP port assign and did not choose plug and play. Could they have tapped the port for the email? The email is set to use 110 and 25 or 2525. The email on this web site account worked just fine until "something happened" around the middle of October.

This is my first attempt to a Microsoft Forum to get a solution. Please be gentle. It has been a long time since I could claim to be any kind of a virgin.

I am working with the affected laptop here at my fingertips. I will be here all weekend. Your suggestions and support is welcome and appreciated. If this posts to a forum that is not the best place, please let me know how to get to the best forum.

Ezil Vinoth

What type of email account is this (POP or IMAP or Exchange)?

Are you sure other email accounts work without any issues? How many email account have you in Outlook?

When the size goes to bytes, are you able to see the data in the emails? What is the size of received emails in webmail?

Are you able to send\receive emails without any issues in the webmail?

Try to remove and re-add the account?

Also restart the computer in clean boot to check if any Non-Microsoft services are causing an issue.

Note: Restart the computer in normal mode after troubleshooting.
Not open for further replies.
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