Emails being removed from the server even with the box checked to leave a copy on the server

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I recently moved and signed up with Comcast to get internet business service. Part of the package was Outlook 2007 which I already had on my computer. I signed up on an automated page and as soon as I did, all the emails on my Network Solutions servier where I host my company domain, disappeared. They disappeared from both my computers. The only place emails come in now is in OUtlook in the office. The NS server is empty on both computers and the emails don't come into my ipad either. I have checked that the box to leave a message on the servier is checked and Network Solutions has checked as well and tested it and they say that that it isn't working. I get two copies of the email when it arrives. I am not getting anything on my home computer. I am currently not using Outlook on my home computer temporarily. After the emails come onto the office computer they do download onto the ipad. PlEASE HELP AS i HAVE NO ACCESS TO MY EMAIL IF i AM NOT IN MY OFFICE. Thank you. Maxine

Ezil Vinoth

What is the type of email account configured in outlook (POP or IMAP or Exchange)?

On how many computers do you have the same email account?

Check the box "leave a copy of message on server" in all the computers.

Remove and re-add the account and check if it helps. You can also try creating new profile for Outlook and verify the status.

For duplicate emails check if the email account is added twice, also check with the links below, might be helpful.
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