Save Outlook 2003 template on shared network drive

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Code Numpty

I have created an html Outlook message and want to save it as a template.

I want to save it to the template folder on a shared network drive so that the whole company can access & use it.

i.e. the workgroup template location, as set in Word.

Is this possible?

Diane Poremsky

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You could save it anywhere you want but it won't show up in the choose form dialog - they'd need to browse to find it (or open it outside of outlook). Or you could copy it to a public folder (if using exchange) and everyone can open it from the folder. You could publish it to the organizational forms library - then it will show up in the forms dialog.

Note that dpeending on the customizations you made, the form may need to be either published or opened through the Choose From dialog for certain features to work correctly. Simple forms without custom fields can be opened by double clicking outside of outlook.


Code Numpty

For the type of email involved and our set-up, for me the easiest answer is the best. I have simply saved them to a folder on the network drive and asked users to double click on the file to use it. Thank you Diane.

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