Cannot Send/Receive - Error codes: 0x80041059, 0x8004102A, 0x8DE00005

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Task '' reported error (0x8DE00005) : 'This account does not have permission to synchronize your mail. To sign up to gain permission to synchronize with this account, please go to and join the notification list for this Windows Live Hotmail product. You will be notified when your account is enabled. Error: 3202. Server. HTTPS is turned on for the web but not for this program. '

Task '' reported error (0x8004102A) : 'Error with Send/Receive. There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy. Error : 80041004.'

Task '' reported error (0x80041059) : 'Could not authenticate against the Windows Live ID service. Please try again later'



After a lot of days i found the problem in Windows live mail 2011

For the error 0x8DE00005 go to your hotmail account in your browser.

After go to the options (top right) of your inbox...Go to other option.

Go to information about the account.

And go down in the other options section. And you will find (Connect with HTTPS).


It work like before now. For me.



This " fixed" it for me too -- thanks for your post. It would be nice to see the Outlook Connector (and WLM) be enabled with HTTPS...

The problem turns out to have been mentioned on the HTTPS configuration page, but people might have missed it (I did):


Important note: Turning on HTTPS will work for Hotmail over the web, but it will cause errors if you try to access Hotmail through programs like:

· Outlook Hotmail Connector

· Windows Live Mail

· The Windows Live application for Windows Mobile and Nokia


I figured out the on my on, after all I was warned when I clicked the button to add the automatic " https" in the address " you will have want get your WLM...How long has Microsoft been doing this computer stuff?????and how long before we get a fix????


I've been googling this peoblem for a couple of months I guess and I found lots of totally useless answers. Your answer was the FIRST one that really works. THANKS ALOT..... It finally works... :)
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