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error code 0x800CCC80 in Outlook 'None of the authentication methods supported by this client are su

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by banks-pm, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. banks-pm


    Sending' reported error (0x800CCC80) : 'None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server.

    I get this message trying to send mail from Outlook 2010 but only when connected via BT Broadband at my home office. I do not get the error when connected via my Vodafone 3g card, or when connected via my Virgin Media brodaband connection at my other office.

    If I delete the message from my outbox and perform a send/receive I do not get the message, so it doesn't seem to be trying to send an " invisible" message.
  2. Roady [MVP]

    Roady [MVP]

  3. Ruchi Bisht

    Ruchi Bisht

    Try the steps mentioned below.

    1. Click on File->Info->Account settings.

    2. Double click on the e-mail account.

    3. Click on more settings->Outgoing server.

    4. Uncheck the box my server requires authentication.

    5. Click ok.

    6. Click next->finish and check.

    Ruchi Bisht
  4. SaraBella


    I just had this problem too and I finally just went to the account settings under " Tools" and clicked the " repair" button and it fixed the problem. I couldn't believe it was that simple. I was ready to reinstall Office 2007 to see if that would fix it but now I don't have to. Hope this help somebody else out there who comes across this error message.

    I have W7 and using Outlook 2007.

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