large emails are being sent continually!

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Joel 7882

When I am sending "large emails" (i used over 10MB) they are being sent continually until i cancel and delete it from the outbox.

i am using pop3.

tried by the webmail (which is gmail) and there is no duplicates sending from there.

Roady [MVP]

Do you have any other security suite installed other than Microsoft Security Essentials as well? Perhaps (an expired trial of) Norton or McAfee that came pre-installed with you system?

These type of hangs are namely often caused by virus scanner which integrate themselves with Outlook (and Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't do this). Other possible causes are that you have your automatic send/receive interval set too short (set it to at least 5 minutes; 10 would be better).

Joel 7882

I have no other scanner installed.

I do have a automatic send/receive interval set to 1 minute.

So this sounds as the answer, although, i did not have such a issue in the past.


can you explain me also WHY this happens with the short send/receive?

Thank You Soooo Much
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