Reminder window is now blank after data file move

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I moved my data file from one computer to another. Most everything is working fine, but the reminder window is now blank even though there are certain items that should be in it. What happened? How do I get them back?

Russ Valentine

What is " the reminder window?" How you migrated your data would be a pre-requisiste for anyone to be able to help you. Be precise in your description.Russ Valentine


The reminder window is a window that can appear on start up or can be opened by selecting it under the " edit" menu 2007. It displays those items from the task list and calendar that are dated for the current reminder date.

Diane Poremsky

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Close outlook and restart it using the /cleanreminders switch. At start stearch, type or paste

outlook.exe /cleanreminders

and press enter. (Instructions are also at

How did you move your data file? Was it imported as added as a second pst?


Russ Valentine

Then you will need to answer my question so we can figure out how you broke your links. You migrated your data incorreclty.Russ Valentine


I did get the reminder window working correctly. For some reason, the reminder field on any past due tasks was cleared. When I checked each of those again, it reappeared in the window.

As to my " migration" , all that I did was copy the old computer"s data to the new computer via a network drive. Was there something better I should've done?


Russ Valentine

Yes, indeed. You must connect the file properly to your new Outlook profile. Copying it to a location i no way connects the file. You must open the file in your new installation and set it as your default inorder for links to remain. Importing the file would also break links.Russ Valentine
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