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Is there a Canadian English dictionary I can download to use as my spell checker in MS Word 2010?

I have currenlty changed the settings to Canadian English and it works for some words, however it does not flag all spelling mistakes. For example " color" and " colour" are both accepted as being correct (colour is the official Canadian English but " flavor" is identified as not being Canadian spelling (as in Canada it is spelled " flavour" ). Similar problem with double " ll" , as in " travelling" . Canadian spelling should have the double " ll" but the Canadian spell checker does not recognize " traveling" as an error. In Canada you will see American spelling but if you are trying to create a document with official Canadian spelling it does not recognize many errors. Newspapers, government documents in Canada and in school we use " colour" , " travelling" , " litre" , etc. (Of course in Canada some spelling folllows the American spelling and is considered proper Candian spelling (ie. tire), others spelling is used by many people but is not considered proper Canadian spelling).

Is there way to solve this problem? Can I download a dictionary of Canadian English/Spelling and use that as my spell checker? I want things like " taveling" , " liter" to be highlighted as errors. As it stands now, the Candian English spell checker will accept some American spelling that is not used in official Canadian spelling.


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Ruchi Bisht

Try the steps mentioned below.

Open Word.

Click on the review tab.

Under Language section click on Language->Set proofing language.

Select English (Canada).

Click on set as default and check

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