.pst backup deletion causing problem

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I have Outlook 2003 runing under Windows7

I created a .pst file to import email contacts to Yahoo email. This file worked well and I had it saved to the desktop, then I deleted it. Now, whenever I open Outlook I get a dialog box labeled PERSONAL FOLDERS that says c:\users\cedar\desktop\backup.pst could not be found. When I select OK, a new dialog box opens CREATE/OPEN PERSONAL FOLDERS and then wants me to create a personal folder with a password. When I look for the original file I get a CANT BE FOUND message. I have gone through many steps to cure this and find no mention of problems in the MS help forums nor have I seen any special instructions for deleting a personal file folder.

How do I get rid of these dialog boxes? It's become annoying.

Russ Valentine

You probably can't. To avoid corrpting your Outlook profile, avoid manipulating Outlook data files in Windows Explorer until you have disconnected them from your Outlook proifle. Create a new Outlook profile if the prompt annoys you.Russ Valentine
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