Autoresponder - Outlook 2007 - POP3

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How to I use Rules and Alerts to setup an autoresponder based on the Subject?

I have setup this rule;

Apply this rule after the message arrives

through the account

and with TestingNumbers in the subject

and on this machine only

reply using C:\D&S\template.oft

but it is not working ?

What else can I try ?

WinXP Pro SP3

Roady [MVP]

What happens when you try? Any error messages?

Try changing the message format of your oft-template from HTML or Plain Text and try again.

Robert Sparnaaij



this is no error messages but the Rules is not trigger any
reponse to incoming emails

(have changed the format to plain text)


I changed the account to a POP3 account and error message is

cannot reply to message (I forgot to tick the checkbox in the Rules)

After checking the box and run another test;

Auto message not being sent

WinXP Pro SP3