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In past week or two cannot view any attachments or embedded pictures of any kind. Get message "Outlook Web Access has blocked access to attachments." Not a security warning-just that one statement. I'm computer stupid so any help geared towards that level of computer knowledge would be so appreciated!

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

You need to ask your Exchange Server Administrator to look into that for you.

In the meantime one thing you can check is if your Outlook Web Access server is set up as a Trusted Site in your browser. You didn't say what browser you're using, but I'm going to guess Internet Explorer. On the status bar at the bottom you should see an icon that looks like the earth and probably says "Internet" next to it. While you're looking at your Inbox in OWA, double-click on that icon and add the OWA site to the Trusted Sites list in Internet Explorer.

See if that helps.
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