Addins with Outlook 2010 html receiving as plain text

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I am using an addin from MarketSharpM to create e-mail templates.I did a test- I sat on another computer (Outlook 2007), created a html e-mail template in MarketSharp (logged in as Karen) and sent it to Outlook 2007 computer & my computer. The e-mail was received as an html on both computers. I then went to my computer (Outlook 2010), sent the same template (logged into MarketSharp as Karen) from my computer to Outlook 2010 & myself- it was received by both in plain text. The e-mails in the sent items folder view in html.

US/outlooksend/thread/87178b25-1761-4d2c-a741-71dbc087c689 I tried the work around described here, (saving as rtf then html again) maybe because I am not using an Outlook template.

On one curious note, I do have one MarketSharp template that receives correctly in html, but it does not contain any merge fields. Can anyone help?

Brian Tillman

If you have each Outlook instance configured to send HTML messages by default, then check the individual contacts to whom you sent the message by opening the contact records, hovering the mouse over the email address of the contact, selecting the " View more options" dropdown appearing in the pop-up dialog, then selecting " Outlok Properties" from the menu. Examine the " Internet format" dropdown at the bottom. That should say " Let Outlook decide..."

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