Outlook 2007 Connector - Error OxDE00006

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I am getting this error message whenever I try and send a mail. Events today are as follows:

Received lots of messages on opening up today telling me that a mail I purportedly sent hasn't been delivered. It looks as though someone has got hold of my address book and sent the mail to everyoneChanged my account password and also ran a full scan using Microsoft Essentials. Clean bill of health.Mails could be sent fine for a couple of hoursTried to send a mail to all my addressees warning them of the spam mail. Couldn't do it (got the error message for the first time) but then broke it down to 3 groups and it worked.Now find that I cannot send any mails at all and get above error message.Re-booted the machine - still the same

Any ideas how to get around it.


I should have added that I can receive mail ok and I have checked the folder sizes and deleted a lot of old stuff in case that is affecting the system.

Niyamath Khan

What is the exact error message while sending emails in Outlook?

You may try to remove the account and reconfigure to check if it helps.


Seems to have sorted itself out. I think it must have been the daily limit on mails that caused the problem. Thanks for responding Niyamath Khan.
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