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I have recently been assigned to troubleshoot an email/fax problem that two of our workstations are having. The configuration on these two PCs are identical to the other machines in the company. They are running Office 2003 Small Business Edition SP3 and Windows XP SP3. The email accounts are configured as POP3 and can send/receive successfully. When a .tif/.tiff file is received, the message shows the correct size of the file. Any action on the file results in the error in the title. Right Click -> Save results in a document with a size of 0 bytes. If I open a .tif file that has been placed in one of our network folders and is moved to the PC, it will open correctly. Here is a list of what I have done so far to try to identify and correct the problem:

Used Outlook Express and SquirrelMail to receive the same email. - attachment opened.

Installed all updates and service packs for Windows/Office.

Uninstalled and updated to IE8, tried to open with IE7 installed, same problem.

Created a new user on the machine and tested a " clean" email account. Same problem.

Uninstalled eFax application and performed general maintenance.

Downloaded 3rd party .TIF viewer (alternatiff) and associated the file extension to that. Same problem different error text.

Uninstalled MS Outlook and deleted profiles in the Mail control panel.

Reinstalled MS Outlook. Still not fixed.

Compared registry entries to a working machine...not a complete comparison but what I saw is the same.

Uninstalled and reinstalled MODI. No change. Reset MODI, still no change.

After two weeks of this and searching the Internet everywhere, I am unable to find any forum that describes the same problem. Our IT Manager is similarily stumped. Has anyone had this problem and more importantly, does anyone know how to fix it? All other attachments open fine and we do not want to " downgrade" to Express or uninstall Office 2003/Windows XP. We are looking for an explanation as well as a fix. Thanks for any help you can provide!


This sort of thing can occur if Outlook's Secure Temp folder is over full. You might try emptying it and see if the problem persists.

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That was one of my thoughts as well. I actually just remoted to the PC and watched the OLK folder in action. The files that cannot open are showing up when I try to access them, but they are 0 bytes in size as well. Any chance this could be an antivirus issue? The user also has the preview pane open so the OLK folder is cleaning itself out nicely. I have to admit I am a little surprised that it actually works as well as it's supposed to.

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It could very definitely be an Anti Virus issue. A/V email scanners are considerably more trouble than they're worth and are known for this sort of thing. Which one are you using? In most cases, disabling the email scanner is not sufficient to fix the problem, one must normally uninstall the application, then do a custom install without any email scanning features.

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