Enter Network Password prompt does not accept my password

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In the evening of 7th December 2010 I found I could not access my email account via Outlook 2007. I have a gmail account as well as a yahoo account and both of them had been compromised. I could not use my passwords to access my emails.

I have now managed to access my accounts through security checks to enable me to change my passwords, but my problem now is in Outlook 2007.

I have setup the gmail account to be recieved into Outlook as POP. This I had before my account was compromised. I now find that a window entitled: " Enter Network Password" appears asking me to insert my password. I do this but it is not accepted and the window keeps reappearing. I have checked my settings and all is correct but what I have noticed is I am able to send but not recieve as shown on the Outlook Progress window. Has another password been embedded in Outlook which is preventing me from entering my new one? If this is the case can anyone advise me what to do to clear this problem.

Hal Hostetler - Print-Imaging [MVP]

No, more than likely Norton is involved, if you are using their email scanner. Norton's email scanner is highly trouble prone and you should strongly consider not using it, it is entirely redundant and not needed for email protection at all.Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to completely uninstall your Norton product (the uninstaller included with the package leaves lots of debris all over your system), then re-install it WITHOUT any email scanning components/modules/features and se if the problem persists.

Why You Don't Need Your Anti-Virus Program to Scan Your E-Mail



Kathleen Orland [MVP]

I agree with trying to sign into your webmail as a troubleshooting step. I find that anytime I use Yahoo, it mucks up my email send/receive. I use Yahoo groups, my ISP is also associated with Yahoo and so my ISP mail profile often gets " stuck" after using anything Yahoo-related.

What I do is log into my ISP's webmail, log out, then try my send/receive in Outlook again and it almost always works. On occasion I have to contact my ISP to unlock my mail profile but they resolve it in minutes.

I also agree that you don't need to allow your antivirus to integrate with Outlook.


Hi Hal

Many thanks for your help, the problem has now been resolved. It is strange as it always worked in the past and I only had this problem after my email account was compromised.

Once again, many thanks.
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