Can't send messages

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Suddenly, I cannot send a message from Outlook. So, I deleted my emails accounts and added them back in, and still cannot send.

When adding in the emails, the test messages sent by outlook go out and return ok. It is just messages I create and send. I can forward message.

When I look at the send/receive progress pop up box, it hangs on 'synchronizing subscribed folders for....'

I have two accounts, one GMAIL, one AOL and both are IMAP. I'm running Outlook 2010 (32-bit) on a windows 7 64-bit system. I use Norton Internet Security.

Again up until today, I have had no problems.

This is really causing problems and since the test messages sent by outlook work, I am going crazy trying to figure it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,




Turned off Norton's firewall, no change.

At first it appears the problem might be with AOL, since if i send a message from my gmail account back to the same gmail account it works. However, I went an opened another gmail account, added it to my Outlook, deleted the AOL account, and cannot send from my old gmail account to the new gmail account.

Something is seriously wrong with outlook and I'm hoping I do not have to reload it and end up losing everything.

Niyamath Khan

You may start Outlook in Windows clean boot and then try to send emails to check if it helps.

Refer to the steps given in the link below to start computer in clean boot:

Note: Ensure to restart computer to normal mode once troubleshooting is completed.
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