Losing keyboard fuctions

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I've had this happen while trying to compose a email in MS Outlook and a similiar issue while using MS Word.

The last time while trying to enter the email address into the field, all key inputs just ring a bell sound. After this happened, I can't enter any text into the search field in the W7 Start Menu either. Closing MS Outlook and reopening doesn't help. I opened another app and was able to enter text again. Opening MS Outlook again and all was normal again.

Using MS Word on a document, pressing the ENTER key deleted the space between paragraphs and the first character of the next paragraph. That time I just rebooted and it corrected itself.

Ganesh Kumar N

Is this a wired or wireless keyboard?

Try to open Outlook in Application Safe.

Start->All programs-> Accessories-> run-> type "outlook /safe" without quotes and click on ok.

If it works fine, then disable Add-ins in outlook 2010.

Open Outlook-> Go to file-> Click on options-> select Add-ins towards the left hand side-> Click on go for COM Add-ins-> Uncheck all the Add-ins.

Try to reopen Outlook 2010 and check how it works.

Note: - you can try the same steps mentioned above for Word (winword /safe).

Ganesh Kumar N


Thanks! It a wired or USB keyboard.

Didn't try yet but looked at the AddIns and MS Word there is only one, OneNote Notes which is also in OutLook also which has sevaral more.

Thinking back both times I was switching back/forth to IE when the keyboard issue came up.
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