After Windows patches Outlook wont connect

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Tony Linguini

After the patches Outlook 2007 changed and would not send/receive Gmail or my Echange through POP. I had to UNCHECK authentication to get it to work. What happened?

Tony Linguini

I started in safe mode, changed back tp SPA, and it would not send/receive. However another problem is a HORRIBLE lag when switching from any folder or mode which is slightly reduced in safe mode, but still a lag. So I am back to no SPA and poor Outlook performance.

Tony Linguini

No, only active non MS add-in is iTunes. I made a jpg of the add-in screen but I don't think I can insert it here.

Tony Linguini

Uninstalling the patch like you suggested fixed mine, but what about SPA?

Tony Linguini

Yes, re-enabling SPA on the accounts that wouldn't work with the patch restores functionality. However, this morning the patched was FORCED upon me by windows update again, and I had to RE-UNINSTALL the patch??

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

You may have to change Automatic Update to only notify you of new patches, rather than automatically installing them, until after we get a fix out for this.


Ted in Virginia

This problem has shown up here under different subject lines. The solution seems to be to uninstall the patch that was included with the set that Microsoft pushed on Wednesday, December 15, that is identified as KB2412171.

The people who have responded say that this fixes the problem associated with Secure Password Authentication (SPA) that seems to be causing the inability to connect from Outlook to certain e-mail servers. I have observed this when trying to connect to a Comcast server, but did not experience the problem when connecting to other servers.

Tony Linguini

Well, of course, I went out and bought Office 2010. Now I have another set of errors for which I will create a new post.
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