Is the Format of Receiving Email by 'Office Outlook' Different from that Sent by 'Outlook Express' ??

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1) I've tried (desperately and multiple times) to send asingle Excel chart (Excel 2003 SP3, Windows XP SP3) as an email (main message) instead of emailing a large w/b as an attachment.

2) Here's what I did using MSOutlook Express 6:
--> opened the w/b
--> selected the chart sheet
--> clicked the "E-mail" option on the Toolbar
--> sent "the current sheet as the message body"
--> the sent email appears perfectly in my "Sent Items" folder of Outlook Express.

3) The recipient responded (repeatedly): "Picture unreadable! Can't view it. I'm usingMS Outlook not MS Outlook Express."
Is the problem at the sender end or at the recipient end ??

4) I do have on this computer a non-OEM version, and under "About Microsoft Outlook" it reads:

... Microsoft Outlook 2000 Sp-3

... No E-mail - Security Update

5) The Outlook 2000 initial Welcoming Inbox message (received a while back) reads:

"To create a message, click the File menu, point toNew, and then clickMail Message. ... "

But under Outlook File :: New :: there's no Mail Message option to click !!

The options are:

.. Post in This Folder

.. Folders

.. Appointment

.. Contact

.. Distribution List

.. Task

.. Journal Entry

.. Note

.. Office Document

.. Choose Form...

.. Personal Folders File (.pst)

Please help me if you can, realizing that I've never usedMS Outlook before.

Thank you kindly


Brian Tillman

There is no New Mail option in Outlook 2000 because you have it installed in no mail mode. It says so right in the Help>About dialog, as you point out.

Generally, anything Outlook Express can send out, Office Outlook can read, but not the other way around. In what format are you sending the messages from Outlook Express? I'm more inclined to suspect the recipient end, but it could be that if you scan your outgoing mail with an antivirus program, that is the source of the corruption.



Thank you for your helpful reply.

1) "There is no New Mail option in Outlook 2000 because you have it installed in no mail mode."

If I understand your comment correctly, I would need to re-install Outlook 2000 (or later) from its CD in order to have themissing Outlook Mail mode. This could be risky at this late time (not to mention the MS lengthy verification process!) since lot of things have changed since then; including updates and upgrades to other MS products on the system and serious conflicts might occur as a result.

2) "Generally, anything Outlook Express can send out, Office Outlook can read"

That's encouraging since it correctly represents the current situation.

3) " ... it could be that if you scan your outgoing mail with an antivirus program, that is the source of the corruption."

I'm quite sure that MSSecurity Essentials (MSE) antivirus has been set to scan the outgoing mails.

I'll shortly:

--> temporary disable the MSE antivirus

--> compile the email with the Excel chart as the message body (OP)

--> send the email by Outlook Express

--> enable the MSE

Makes sense ??

I wouldn't know the result until tomorrow mid-morning (Thursday Dec 16th).




1) Still no joy!

The recipient still couldn't read my Outlook Express email with his Office Outlook: "Picture unreadable! Can't view it"

2) Just to make sure that the difficulty is NOT at my end and it is NOT an Excel issue, I've just sent and received the same email on my m/c. It is perfectly readable -- It even looks better than the original!!

3) In addition, sending an Excel w/b as an attachment viaOutlook Express is received uncorrupted at the other end byOffice Outlook.

4) It is only sending an Excel single "current sheet as the message body" byOutlook Express that becomes unreadable at the recipient end when received byOffice Outlook, regardless whether the outgoing email is scanned or not by antivirus.

Your comments would be gratefully received.

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