since setting up office outlook2007 all messages are being sent to deleted folder in webmail

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Hi All,

My girlfriend is having a bit of a problem since we set up office outlook 2007 on her laptop for her email account.

Now the problem is that whenever she wants to view her emails via web browser, as you do if you are not at your machine, there are no messages to view. They are being taken directly to her outlook and the messages on the webmail side of things are going straight to the deleted folder

I have checked this with my outlook as a test and the same thing happens to me. Before you say something like check your rules, let me say I have and the only rule I have is the clear categories on mail (recommended). Another thing to bear in mind is that my gmail account and another email account that I manually set up from my server are set up on outlook fine, I can access my mail via outlook and it leaves my mail as is on the gmail web service. The same goes when i try to access the webmail from my server usercp.

It is just strange that this only happens with the live mail side of things. I tried searching this but I am not finding anything with the same specific problem any help will be most appreciated?

Note that my machine is win7 hers is vista if that makes any difference, which I doubt, but it asks for this below and I could only choose one.



Hal Hostetler - Print-Imaging [MVP]

It sounds like she's using POP to get her Live mail and doesn't have the "Leave a copy of messages on the server" checkbox checked on the "Advanced" tab of the account properties. The question is why the use of POP when theOutlook Hotmail Connector is available...Hal

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