Images showing up as X's in Outlook 2003 emails. Outlook is set to HTML and Prevent Picture downloa

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Images are not showing up in received Outlook 2003 emails - showing as boxes with red Xs. This is a totally new occurrence. I looked at an email yesterday and the images were there and today they are not - in any emails.

The solution is not the obvious to me. Email default IS set to HTML and Prevent Picture Download IS NOT checked.

I have rebooted.

The images are showing in webmail but not on Outlook.

Appreciate the help!


Thanks much for your reply.

I followed the instructions for cleaning the temp file. Junk gone. However, still red x's in emails. I read the info in the third link and used the info when the clearing of the first temp file didn't work - in the case where Outlook changed the temp files?. So I " saved" an attachment, found that the folder name was OLKAF. Seemed on the correct track. But under the path username\localsettings\temp I didn't find the file OLKAF. I found it under applicationdata\microsoft\office\recent. I cleared that too of all the junk.

Sadly I still have red x's (rebooted too).

Another other things that could go wrong?
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