Photos on incoming messages are tiny and my outgoing signature photo always sends to big

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I have microsoft office 2007 student edition. for some reason, the last few months, all my incoming messages that i receive are downsizing the photo size. If i receive a newsletter or an ad from a company it reduces the sizes of all the photos in that email and i can barely see them. This didn't use to happen.

Also, i created a signature for myself which includes of photo of me. before the email goes out, my photo is small like 2x3 and then when it sends, then when people receive the email the photo is huge, like a 8x10 in their email.

why is this happening and how can i fix it.

Priyalatha Narayan

Thank you for the information.

Did you try the article mentioned in the previous post?

What is the type of the photo/image?
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