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Help: Your digital id name cannot be found by the underlying security system.

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by Smackboy1, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Smackboy1


    I have Outlook 2007 on Vista 32 bit Business. Recently I have this problem where if somebody sends me an encrypted e-mail I cannot decrypt and open it. When I try to open it I get the error message " your digital id name cannot be found by the underlying security system" . This happens with 2 different e-mail addresses which have their own separate digital certificates. I cannot read incoming encrypted e-mail on either of them. One digital certificate is a few weeks old and the other is 11 months old. Both have worked OK in the past. It seems to be an Outlook problem. It's like Outlook cannot find the private key installed. When I set up my e-mail account and digital cert on Thunderbird, everything works OK.

    I've tried to remove and reinstall the digital certificates on Outlook but I'm not sure if I did it right. I went into Internet Explorer and under Options/Content/Certificates and removed the digital cert. I couldn't find a direct way to remove it from Outlook. Then I reinstalled the digital cert from backup. It's didn't work, the problem still exists.
  2. Priyalatha Narayan

    Priyalatha Narayan

  3. Smackboy1


    Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the following and all failed to the fix the problem:

    - Uninstall the recent Office/Windows updates from Dec 16, 2010

    - Remove and reinstall the digital certificate. There seems to be nothing wrong with the digital cert because it works in other applications.

    I have been experimenting with other e-mail clients (Thunderbird) using digital certificates and many e-mail accounts.

    - I have concluded that based on my experiments that the problem occurs when 2 conditions are met: 1) a @yahoo.com sender tries to send an S/MIME encrypted e-mail, and; 2) the recipient is using Outlook 2007.

    - There is a problem with the interaction between @yahoo.com encrypted e-mail and Outlook 2007 which causes Outlook not to recognize recognize the valid digital key pair and decrypt the message.

    - It doesn't seem to matter what the recipient's e-mail domain is. If the sender is an @yahoo.com address and Outlook is the recipient's client, it fails to decrypt the message. However if Thunderbird is the e-mail client, it works OK.

    - It only seems to happen to @yahoo.com senders. Hotmail, Gmail and other e-mail senders work fine in Outlook.
  4. Priyalatha Narayan

    Priyalatha Narayan


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