Set up Outlook 2010 by backing up pst files, incoming mail fine but outgoing originally gave me the

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Sheridan Lee

I have

deleted the email accout and reset it up checked all POP settings are correct as per my mail server (gmail) checked the pst files look correct - when on this option the pst gmail file I want to use is which was my backed up version doesn't get picked up instead Outlook created the a second version of this file.after it got stuck syncing for 10 minutes it reverted to (0x8004010F) error.

Roady [MVP]

What's the error in full? These errors usually relate to Exchange accounts or do you also have Google Calendar Sync or Google Apps Sync installed?

Pst-files are never " picked up" . You'll need to reconnect it to your mail profile either when configuring your account or via File-> Open-> Open Outlook Data File...

You can Account Settings to change the default delivery location. For details see;

For additional solutions to common send/receive issues see;

Robert Sparnaaij

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