Publisher 2010 (x64) not connecting with Outlook 2010 (x64) via Mail Merge

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Dougal Everingham


I have a headache looking to get into a head! I have a clean install Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (x64) on a clean install of Win7 ultimate (x64). Outlook works with no problems (using the Google Apps Sync) and designed a e-card to email in Publisher. The mail merge refuses to send with the following error message:

To send a publication as an e-mail message, you must install and configure Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Microsoft Outlook Express (version 5.0 or later) as the default e-mail program on your computer. After you configure the e-mail program, restart Publisher for the changes to take effect.

Outlook is stalled and working, publisher is stalled and working - the whole bloody office suite is stalled and working expect for mail merge. I rang Microsoft Support and they wanted to charge me $395 to start a support case - and it is software that does not work!

Roady [MVP]

The error suggests that the 64-bit version of Publisher does not play nicely with the 64-bit version of Outlook. Currently the 32-bit version of Office is also the recommended way to go, even on a 64-bit system unless you have a very specific need for the 64-bit version.

Normally you'd only get this issue when you are trying to use a 32-bit application or add-in to talk to the 64-bit version of Outlook so why you'd get this in the 64-bit version of Publisher is quite strange. I'd suggest you ask this in the Publisher forum to verify if this is a known issue.

Note that support costs are waived when your issue is due to a limitation or bug in the program. Also, retail versions of Office come with free support incidents (I believe it was 2 for the first 90 days).

Robert Sparnaaij

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