Outlook 2007: Emails that have .gifs are displaying as hyperlinks instead of images.

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Outlook Emails with .gifs displaying as hyperlink

I have a single user with Outlook 2007, who"s emails display as hyperlinks instead of .gif images. This is a issue when she receives emails from department stores, restaurants, horoscope sites, or small business companies who include .gif images that link to their site. Instead of the image displaying it shows a .gif hyperlink. When you click on the link IE will load that company"s image such as a logo, or different portions of a photo in each link. These emails usually include promotional stuff or just a company logo.

After I configured the following features the user was able to receive some emails, but not all as .gif images:

-Messages are composed in HTML format.

-Junk Email Options: Set to no automatic filtering, Uncheck option for disable inks for phishing emails, Safe Senders and Safe recipient"s tabs show recipient"s address, no addresses show in blocked senders.

-Automatic Download area of the Trust Center: Unchecked Don"t Download Pictures Automatically In HTML E-Mail Messages Or RSS Items.

I have also ran Microsoft office repair in add/remove programs and created a new outlook profile. Neither one has helped resolve this issue. Creating a new profile seems to have carried over the settings I adjusted in the old one.



I faced this issue before in my corporate environment and the only way to fix it was to create a new outlook profile for the user.

I"ve tried everything but nothing seemed to work.

Mases - IT Adminstrator


PR Here's the simple answer gifs aren't rendered in emails any longer since outlook 2007 because outlook 2003 used ie to render html it would render gif's in emails. Since outlook 2007 no longer uses ie to render gif's and uses a built in browser that can't render gifs they don't show up as pictures in the email here's a reference site I ran into this when outlook 2007 came out.


easy fix:


Outlook Emails with .gifs displaying as hyperlink

Thanks Digitjk, I will give it a try.
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