Unable to access outlook.pst: access denied

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Andy V Nguyen


I have checked other posts for similar error. My is quite different I think. Here is the scenario:

We have DomainUser currently running MsOutlook 2010 on OldDomain using DomainUser account to login on Windows XP Pro.

We recently converted DomainUser to join AD (active Directory) and the account is ADUser to login.

In the process of migrating DomainUser profile, we have ADUser logged in once, we modify DomainUser profile permission by granting ADUser account exact same permission from the registry. Reboot and login with ADUser account, everything works great but outlook.

When launched outlook 2010, it opens and everything else except for sending/receiving with message "unable to access outlook data file; Access denied"

Found out after converted a handful of users... Technically I almost tried all possible combination to fix the issue. Including export pst and import. No luck?

Any suggestion would greatly appreciated,

Not open for further replies.