Outlook 2010 - contact activities displays emails NOT addressed to contact

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We're busily updating our computers from Office 2003 to Office 2010 (Standard). One of my users seems to have uncovered an issue with the " activities" function in Outlook contacts. I've not used that feature previously but see the issue now myself. For some Outlook contacts when I click on " activities" I get a long listing of email messages from my Inbox and other folders. Some pertain to the contact while many more seemingly do not. The contact name, etc. isn't anywhere within these found items.

Sometimes when I close that contact, reopen it and choose activities I get the proper list of emails from my mailbox.

This feature worked fine for our Outlook 2003 users but is returning weird results for us with Outlook 2010.

Any ideas? Does anyone actually know if this query (activities for a contact) is searching your mailbox for more than that person's email address?

Forgot to say - Exchange 2003 server used here.


Sally Tang

With Outlook 2010, the Activities tab will be available from items in your default set of folders. Activities tab is not present in any additional account or Personal Folders file you have added to your Outlook 2010 profile. The Activities tab will also not be present from Public Folders.

This is " By Design" in Outlook 2010.

The technet article is somewhat correct in that " Yes, the Activities tab was deprecated." A complete explanation would have been to state that the Activities tab was deprecated\removed from any non-default store."

Unfortunately, there's no workaround that will revert Outlook 2010 back to where the Activities functionality will be available in your other stores.

There's a knowledge base article in the works on this topic. --That Outlook 2010: Contact's Activities tab is only available from items located in the profile's default store.

Sally Tang


I don't understand how your answer applies to my question about Outlook contact activities. The issue I described relates to what happens when you click the " activities" button when viewing a contact. I have a user that sees the wrong results when he clicks that button. He gets back a list of email messages that are a mix of correct results (messages that involve that contact) and incorrect results (messages that don't involve that contact at all).

Any ideas?


Sally Tang

Hi Alan,

Sorry for the delay. I have confirmed with my colleagues about this article. It has not be published to the public, so it still available as our internal article,.

Sorry for the inconveninece.

Sally Tang