Disable automatic creation of outlook 2010 contacts for recipients

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Remco Tiel


Is it possible to disable automatic creation of outlook 2010 contacts for recipients for all users in my domain? I couldn't find a setting for this in a GPO but maybe it can be done through a regkey?

Thnx Remco

Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

Silly question, but why do you want it turned off? Next the user will be asking for email address of people across the hallway ;-)

One way, but not domain method is unchecking the box in Outlook that automatically adds users OUTSIDE of the domain.

1. File/Options
2. Contacts (left pane)
3. Uncheck the bottom box in the right pane ("Automatically add...").

Only other way I can think of is make you or the user not part of the domain in their profile, as in local?

Remco Tiel

Hello Thomas,

It's not a silly question :)

We're in a migration from Groupwise to Exchange, this is done within a few weeks by department. Because I want to have a address book with Exchange users and Groupwise users in Outlook I created for the Groupwise users a contact with external email address in Exchange. This all works well but now the tricky part....

When migrating users to Exchange/Outlook I first have to delete the contacts in Exchange in order to create the mailbox for that user. After the migration when I create a new mail and select an e-mail address from a migrated user it automatically shows up 2 hits with the same e-mail address. When I select them both and send the mail one e-mail is rejected because it turns out this was linked to the previous contact with external e-mail address. Because I send the migrated user an e-mail before migration it was automatically added to the "Suggested Contacts". Empty the "Suggested Contacts" solves my problem but I think I will get a lot of calls if I'm not able to disable this feature temporarily during the migration fase if the user selects the wrong contact. Therefore I'm looking for a way to disable this feature for everyone during the migration phase...

We're using Exchange 2010 with Outlook 2010 non-cached mode...


Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

I found a reply by Glenn, don't know if this will work:

Here's my update. The problem was caused by ActivClient (may also be known as ActivCard), and is not caused by bugs in Outlook 2007. I finally uninstalled ActivClient 6.1 and the problem disappeared.

@Stevangelista - that's great news. The PDF you point to is for ActivCleint 6.1 - same as I was using; also I am running on Vista Home Premium with SP1, and tech support at work tells me that 6.1 never claimed to suuport Vista, but it did work. The two settings you described did nothing for me - I could not stop digitally signed contacts from being added.

So now I have installed ActivClient 6.2 - claims proper support for Windows Vista. Not only does it NOT add digitally signed senders to Contacts list, but I CAN NOT get it to automatically add to Contacts with any settings! Grrrr! Of course I can right click on sender and manually add.

Here is a useful workaround in case you are unable to apply the solutions discussed in this thread.
Open Control Panel, select Classic view, open the Mail item. Create a new Mail profile. You might name it "My ActivCard" or anything you choose. Change Mail settings so that Outlook will prompt you for profile whenever it starts. Close Outlook and restart it. Choose the new profile. Add the email account that is causing you grief - Tools/Accounts/New - same settings as in your other profile.

The new profile has its own Contacts list, so when senders are automatically added to the list, they will no longer pollute the Contacts list that is used by your other email accounts. I like this idea a lot, because I can segregate work and personal email accounts.

Another reply by pogularocky has this:

This is how you disable the Address Book from updating itself every time you send/receive emails on Outlook 2007 SP1:
1. Go to and Click: Tools>Send/Receive>Send/Receive Settings>Define Send/Receive Groups
2. In the 'Define Send/Receive Groups' window: Select Group name "All Accounts"... and click on "Edit"
3. Make sure "Download Offline Address book" is NOT selected (uncheck is needed)
4. Right below this, there are "Folder Options"... Here, UNCHECK (De-select) "Contacts" option.
5. Click on "OK" and the click on "CLOSE"
6. Close Outlook and Restart it. Now, Click on "Send/Receive" option on the toolbar (if not automated already)
7. Check if the "Send/Receive" process is trying to download contacts or not... It should NOT.
I hope this helps you fix the problem. But, if this process does not fix your problem, then please contact Microsoft Customer Service.
Thank you!

Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

I know the above replies where for Outlook 2007, but might point in the right direction...


Remco Tiel

Thnx Thomas for your reply, I'll give it a try and otherwise I will contact Microsoft Customer Service.

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