Re: LDAP search is very slow with Outlook 2007 running on Windows 7

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Eric Yim

I've tried the following settings but still didn't solve my problem, seems it's not related to "display name search" as it takes over 10 seconds to look up a name in LDAP even using the "Address Book" function.




Hi Eric,

If you set up Windows Live Mail with a Contact Directory hitting your LDAP server, do see any difference in the speed of operation?

How to add a contacts directory account in Windows Live Mail

Start Mail
Show me how

In Windows XP, click Start, and then click Programs.


In Windows Vista, click Start, and then click All Programs.

Click Windows Live, and then click Windows Live Mail.
If you can't see the menu bar, in the upper-right corner of the screen, click the Menus button , and then click Show menu bar.

On the menu bar, click the Tools menu, and then click Accounts.

Click Add, and then do one of the following:

Click to expand:

Add a contacts directory account

Click Contacts Directory Account, and then click Next.

Type the name of the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. An Internet protocol used by e-mail programs to look up contact information on a server.) server that your ISP or network administrator has given you. If you have to provide a user name and password to log on to your LDAP server, select the This Contact directory requires me to log on with a name and password check box.

Click Next. If you selected the This Contact directory requires me to log on with a name and password check box, type your account name and password, and then click Next again.

Choose whether or not to let Mail use the contacts directory to check the e-mail addresses of your message recipients, and then click Next.

Click Finish.


And, here's another posting that may help you:

It's going to show you the reg hack NoDisplayNameSearch to make the LDAP searches quicker. I would suggest testing it out to see if it helps in your situation.


Anyways, it looks like this issue is affecting only Win7 machines -That's from you post and all the others I have come across.

I would suggest opening a support incident with Microsoft, so that we can work directly with you. My thoughts are that you'd be helped best by working with our Exchange Client Connectivity team. They would be able to gather network monitor captures and other perf-related traces, so that we can see exactly what's happening during the LDAP search.

Please visit the following link for details on the various support options available to you:;en-us;offerprophone

Hope that helps!

Jahawk MSFT
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