Outlook HB 2010 - x08004010F - only with IMAP

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I have a strange problem with Outlook HB 2010 on XP-clients in a Windows 2003 AD-Domain (all german language):

The Outlook-profiles have two IMAP-accounts, both working fine with same configuration in OL2010 outside the domain.
Also they working fine with a local user on the XP-client.
AND: The configuration is working fine in Outlook 2003 and earlier! If the accounts are configured in OL2003 and used after installing OL2010, they're working also fine.
Only new IMAP-accounts in OL2010 shows the error 0x8004010F - Outlook-datafile could not be accessed (I dont know the exactly englisch error message)

There are no GPO for Outlook
POP3 is working fine in any configuration.

When the Outlook-profile is newly configured, the IMAP-accounts are working till the next startup, then the same error occurs.
When starting, Outlook shows the IMAP-account two times for a few seconds.
At the same time the IMAP-file is created with 256 KB, but a few seconds later Outlook use a copy xxx(2).pst for downloading the mails.
I think, that something blocks the first file, but I've try to disable windows search and virus-scanner for this file-type with no result.

I've also contacted the Microsoft-Office-support - with no solution.

Any ideas?



There are POP3 or Exchanges-Accounts. They work fine.
My problem is only with IMAP-Accounts, and the "could not access"-Error points to the IMAP-File, not the Personal Folder-File.

I tested now several konfigurations and found a new aspect:
The same configuration works for a local user, but not for a domain user.
File-locations are the same (in userprofile: Lokale Einstellungen\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\Outlook), so user-rights could not be the problem.

Its an issue between domain and OL2010
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