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Windows 7 64-bit - Outlook 2010 (32 bit) & Gmail IMAP



Hi Everyone,

Here is my issue:

My employer uses Gmail Apps for our corporate email. I access this account from several systems (desktop, home, laptop, phone). I use IMAP to keep everything the same.

With Outlook 2010, upon start of the program, it will sync and retrieve my emails. I can send messages, no problem. However, after the initial startup, it seems that the sync hangs and I do not receive any emails.

If I close Outlook, then upon restarting the program, the emails appear.

After doing some testing, it appears that Windows Firewall is the problem. If I disable the firewall, then I have no issues with Outlook.

Is there some sort of special setting in Windows 7 Firewall (or in Outlook 2010) that will allow it to be enable and still allow my email to work the way I want?

I have this setup on two other systems (Outlook 2007) and one of them is windows 7 64 bit with no problems. I do not want to buy another licence for 2007. 2010 should work.

Thank you!

Abdias Ruiz


Is there a Firewall Exception for Outlook? To check that, go to Control Panel, then Windows Firewall. Click the Option “Allow a Program through Windows Firewall”. In the list of Allowed Programs, is there an entry for Microsoft Office Outlook

Abdias Ruiz [MSFT]

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