Communication History disappeared in BCM 2010

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Would you believe that I have spent 7 hours on the phone with 2 different people at Microsoft Support (both were very helpful, by the way) but neither could fix the problem. With their help we uninstalled SQL Server 6.5 and installed SQL S 8, uninstalled BCM twice and reinstalled, deleted and reinstalled Framework for .Net, and tried numerous other tweaks and tricks. Finally, we concluded that the problem was probably with BCM's forms. It may have something to do with having had some custom fields on the Comm History form that were carried over from 2007, just guessing about that though. After reaching this conclusion, the Support Person said that I would need to talk to Professional Support. After a 10 minute interview about my issues (4th or 5th time I've explained it to someone at Microsoft) that ended with the question " Would someone at your company be willing to work on this 24/7 until it was resolved" . (I asked if they wanted a dishonest answer or the truth. They laughed.) Then I was told that it was going to cost me $50 dollars to talk to a " Professional Support" person (are these other support people amateurs?) I was also told that BCM was a commercial version which is pretty remarkable and disingenuous considering that BCM, until recently, was not available as a commercial/retail product . They poor guy asking the questions, was a little puzzled by that when I made note of the fact. It was suggested that if as an alternative, that there were some good online help resources (TechNet). I then explained that that is where I started. I declined to pay $50 to fix a problem that is an issue with the product. Especially considering that the tool is undocumented (you can't really consider the limp online help as documentation), and there are no caveats posted anywhere regarding (1) importing custom fields from 2007 or (2) cautions about creating and/or editing custom fields in 2010. Nothing, nada, zip. (A related, but sidebar on this problem is that I discovered that the default forms for several other features - Sales and Marketing accessed from the BCM Dashboard have also disappeared.) So why should I pay for fixing that, when I never did anything with it in the first place?

So here I am after several weeks working with a several people who tired their best to help me and after spending over 10 hours of my time on this problem, back where I started. And the Communication History screen is still blank!!

Since I was directed back here, I guess we should start all over again. Any ideas?

Ken, a sadder but wiser man now.

Ken Kimbrough

Abdias Ruiz

Just as an FYI for others reading this thread, Ken is being helped by one of our BCM engineers. Ken, James or I will later post the outcome of that work here.
Abdias Ruiz [MSFT]


I'm not sure my problem is quite the same. I've been using BCM2010 for months, with Win7 on a 32bit machine. Every now and then when it loads, it changes (for some reason) some setting and, when I open the file of a Business Contact, the History icon is gone as well as the icon to link files to the Contact. Normally I have rebooted and then reopened BCM2010 and, boom, the old ribbon with all the files/icons is back. I've done it three times this morning and nada, nothing seems ready to bring it back. So all my history and files for all my Contacts seems unavailable. No history at all. Where has it gone? How do I get it back on the ribbon and associated with my Contacts??
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