Reminder snooze default behaviour changed in Outlook 2010

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This has already been discussed in but I thought it would be good to post here and see if someone from Microsoft can comment on status.

A task reminder fires for something I need to do today I'm busy so I snooze it for 1 hour A meeting reminder fires to tell me I have a meeting in 15 minutes The default snooze for the meeting reminder is 1 hour, because Outlook has remembered that from the last reminder I snoozed If I don't spot that the default is 1 hour and click Snooze, the reminder will be snoozed until 45 MINS AFTER THE MEETING STARTS

In all versions prior to 2010, for as long as I can remember (10+ years), meeting reminders and task reminders would keep their own default snooze times. E.g.
At 12pm I snooze Task A for 5 minutes, and Task B for 1 hour. At 12:05 I get a reminder for Task A, with a 5 minute snooze default (because that's what I last used on Task A). I do task A and mark the task complete. At 12:15pm I get a 15-minute reminder for my 12:30 conference call. The default snooze is " 5 minutes before start" , which I use. At 12:25pm I get a 5-minute reminder for my 12:30 conference call. The default snooze is " 0 minutes before start" , which I use. At 12:30pm I dial in for my conference call and dismiss the reminder. At 1pm I get a reminder for Task B, with the default snooze of 1 hour selected.

The second scenario makes perfect sense. My task reminder snooze preferences don't affect my meeting reminders or each other.

The first scenario is causing me and my colleagues to miss meetings and task deadlines. Some of my colleagues have reverted to Office 2007 in frustration. I've stuck with Outlook 2010 thinking I might get used to the new behaviour, but after three months I'm still missing meetings, and I'm seriously considering reverting. I rely heavily on Outlook to manage my time and not being able to trust my reminders is impacting my productivity workflow. We support a group of very demanding users who take their time management very, very seriously (and very personally!) and I cannot imagine how upset they will be if this is not fixed before Office 2010 is rolled out to them.

As you can see from the thread I linked at the top of this post, and the threads it links to, it's not just me and it's not just our organisation. This is causing pain for people who manage their time in Outlook.

Please can someone from Microsoft acknowledge this issue and give us some idea of whether it will be resolved.

Many thanks




At this time, there are no plans as to changing Outlook 2010's handling of the Reminder Snooze's default. Which is to 'remember' the last time used for snoozing and apply that to new reminders.

Since there is a great deal of users who prefer the way Outlook 2007 handled the Snoozing, I've sent an Outlook feature request to the Outlook Product group.

That's something I can do internally for myself and for others.

Additionally, you can also send your thoughts on this subject to " Outlook Feature Requests" <>. This is monitored directly by the Outlook Product team.

To set your expectations though, this will probably be a consideration for Outlook 15 and not something that can be changed with 2010.

Hope that helps some.

Jahawk MSFT
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