authentication using outlook 2007 vs 2010

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exchange 2010 sp1

client outlook 2007 send/recieve NO issues..

outllook 2010 recieves no issues

outlook 2010 send issues:

gives me error "unable to relay"

is there a difference in authentication methods between the 2 products?



I came across a previous issue where the users could not send mail from Outlook 2010 via Authenticated relay.

In that case, verbose protocol logging was enabled on the receiving connectors. The log showed 504 Authentication cancelled and 5.7.1 Unable to relay errors.

The resolution for that issue was:

In default and client receive connectors, we unchecked the option under basic authentication, i.e. Offer Basic authentication only after starting TLS.

So, please see if that applies to your situation.

If it does not, please call in and open a Microsoft Support incident with our Exchange Client and Connectivity team. They will be able to assist you with this type of issue.


Jahawk MSFT


partial fix!!

i added the site to "trusted sites" in IE and now it is sending emails. I am getting a certificate error but at least it is sending emails :)
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