Upload a CSV file, created from a BCP command into Outlook calendar

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I am running a bcp command out of a SQL Database and dumping the data in a CSV file. I am then trying to upload the data to the Calendar in MS Outlook. I go through the Import and Export Wizard in Outlook to upload the data. I choose Import from another file àComma Separated Values(Windows) and then I get an error message that says that there was an error in the comma separated values(windows) translator while initializing a translator to build a field map. I have exported the calendar out of Outlook to a CSV file and copied and pasted the field names in the Outlook csv file to the bcp csv file. When I did this the file is imported to Outlook just fine. I have also copied the field names from the Outlook csv file, into the bcp command and it sill produces a csv file that will not upload into Outlook. Is there something that I am missing? Here is the bcp command:

BCP "SELECT 'Subject', 'Start Date', 'Start Time', 'End Date', 'End Time', 'All day event', 'Reminder on/off', 'Reminder Date', 'Reminder Time', 'Meeting Organizer', 'Required Attendees', 'Optional Attendees', 'Meeting Resources', 'Billing Information', 'Categories', 'Description', 'Location', 'Mileage', 'Priority', 'Private', 'Sensitivity', 'Show time as' UNION ALL SELECT [CPT].[Short_Desc]+' '+[vw_Schedule].[Notes], CONVERT(CHAR(8), [vw_Schedule].[App_DtTm],1), CONVERT(CHAR(8), [vw_Schedule].[App_DtTm],8), CONVERT(CHAR(8), [vw_Schedule].[App_DtTm],1), CONVERT(varchar(8),DATEADD(n,([vw_Schedule].[Duration_time]/6000),DATEADD(dd,-DATEDIFF(dd,0,[vw_Schedule].[App_DtTm]),[vw_Schedule].[App_DtTm])),108), 'FALSE' as [All day event], 'FALSE' as [Reminder on/off], CONVERT(CHAR(8), [vw_Schedule].[App_DtTm],1), CONVERT(CHAR(8), [vw_Schedule].[App_DtTm],8), [vw_Schedule].[STF_INITIALS], '' as [Required Attendees], '' as [Optional Attendees], '' as [Meeting Resources], '' as [Billing Information], '' as [Categories], [vw_Schedule].[Activity], [vw_Schedule].[LOC_INITIALS], '' as [Mileage], '' as [Priority], '' as [Private], '' as [Sensitivity], '' as [Show time as] FROM [MOSAIQ].[dbo].[vw_Schedule] [vw_Schedule] LEFT OUTER JOIN [MOSAIQ].[dbo].[CPT] [CPT] ON [vw_Schedule].[Activity]=[CPT].[Hsp_Code] WHERE [vw_Schedule].[STF_INITIALS] <> '' and CONVERT( Varchar(12), [vw_Schedule].[App_DtTm],1) = CONVERT( Varchar(12), GetDate(),1) AND ([vw_Schedule].[Activity]='CONSULT' OR [vw_Schedule].[Activity]='MTG' OR [vw_Schedule].[Activity]='VAC')" queryout C:\Scheduletext.csv -c -t, -SMosaiqreports -T



What version of SQL and what version of Outlook? What kind of database are you pulling from? --CRM? BCM?

Anyways, if I had to make a quess I would say that your bcp command is not mapping the fields properly or it's doing something in the formatting that will cause a failure when imported.

What's the exact error you receive when running the import?

Are you able to create working CSV file by limiting what you're runniing from the bcp command? For instance, if you create a CSV for single instance Appointments that has just Subject, Location, Start and End date\times?

Would you please send me a copy of your CSV, so I can try to repro on my end? You can send to CTS-Jahawk@live.com.


Jahawk MSFT
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