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Nila Olimpo-Henson

I've instaled Microsoft Office 2010 and was trying to set up Outlook as my email server. I set it up the wrong way now Outlook won't even open with message "Can't open your default email folder. The information store could not be opened. What should I do?Nila Olimpo-Henson

Sally Tang


What"s the version of your OS?

You may set Outlook as the default email client by the steps below:


1. Click Start.

2. For Vista/Windows 7, type "default programs" in the Search box. For Windows XP, go to Control Panel and find the option.

3. Click Default Programs under Programs in the search results.

4. Now click Set your default programs.

5. Highlight Microsoft Outlook on the left.

6. Click Set this program as default.

7. Click OK.

If the error remains after your re-configure Outlook as the default email client, this issue may occur as the default Exchange Server 2010 Release to Manufacturing (RTM) configuration requires RPC encryption, but Outlook is not set to use this. You can try to resolve the issue by the solution in this KB article:


If this still does no help, try to create a new Outlook profile to solve the issue. Go to Start > Control Panel, click or double-click Mail. Click Show Profiles. Choose Prompt for a profile to be used. Click Add.

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Sally Tang
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