Outlook 2010/Exchange 2010 Email address no longer valid

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Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

Error message showing above the " TO" area when making a new email

" This e-mail message can not be delivered to Distribution List because the e-mail address is no longer valid"

I know there was another discussion on it, but the topical heading throws people off about Outlook Tips.

On a Windows 7 Enterprize, with Outlook 2007, with Exchange 2010 for a very large company.

Even the big cheeze had this error show up in his machine and doesn't look good on us, cuz, you know, we suggested the rollout upgrade...

Not every email. Not the same email address or same person sending it. They work on my machine, and someone elses, but just random machines. THey were all imaged the same, so I suspect a profile exchange handshake issue.

Even weirder some can still send the email in question to the address " not valid" and it will get there, but some other emails won't go through.

Tried deleting their autocomplete (drop down when typing the email) and getting directly from the Global Contact List.

Will try the remove cache item and reset, but doubt it.



Hi Tom,

We are having the exact same issue with a hosted exchange server that one of our clients runs.

They recently deleted a distribution list and transferred the e-mail address that it used to hold enquiries@theircompany.com to a users mailbox. Externally its no problem, but nobody in the organization can send to enquiries@theircompany.com and they all receive the no longer valid error message.

Anybody got any clues?

Sean Watson


Found a fix!!

At least for our problem.

It was actually client side and I suspect something to do with the way outlook 2010 handled x.400 address changes.

All we had to do was click the to. field in a new e-mail on the clients having problems and have them select the user from the GAL.

Once they had done this the first time the problem was resolved.

Hope this is of help

Sean Watson

Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

Hi Sean

Yeah, tried the GAL and same issue. Ended up going through the users mailbox and recreating the contact list for them. But this is like the 3rd person, I don't want to do that for all 500 employees!

Somehow the handshaking from Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2010 fubard.

Clean Win7 machines too.


I have had the same problem with some of my users, we have just upgraded from OL2003/EX2007 to OL2010/EX2010. All of my users are running in Online mode, on a mix of Win 7 and XP machines.

Really, really strange!


Thomas McLaughlin - tomax7

Yeah Carlos you'll have to get the users to delete any email addresses that are not complete in their address book and then recreate them. Seems OL2003 even made addresses out of phone numbers.
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