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Shared Calendar alarms


CMNV Steven


Our office shares calendars using Exchange 2007 as well as Outlook 2007. When we place items on our calendars and attached alarms to the event, all clients that are sharing recieve an alarm event reminder. As well as a reminder on all the sync'd iPhones. How do we just linit the alarm to the owners and not the viewers of the calendars?




Outlook should only display Reminders for a user"s own mailbox and should not display reminders for Calendars belonging to Shared or Additional Mailboxes

Please take a look at the following article for more information:

286166 Outlook Calendar and Task reminders do not appear as expected


Can you tell me how you have configured your shared calendars and how you are accessing them?

Also, are your users in Cached Exchange Mode or Online Mode?


Jahawk MSFT